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Thank you so much for your interest in Dr. Bitter’s Exclusive Private Sciton Laser Training! We appreciate your desire to Master you Sciton BBL Technology and are pleased to answer all your questions regarding scheduling your Exclusive Private Training with Dr. Bitter.

Dr. Bitter's Exclusive Customizable Private Training is the most advanced, comprehensive training available to help you Master your Sciton BBL & HERO Technology, and create Dr. Bitter's Trademark "Clearer, Smoother, Healthier Younger Looking Skin. You will learn all of Dr. Bitter's Most Advanced Protocols and Treatments Settings and learn to create happy patients who love what you do and send all their friends and family.

What is included in Private Training:

A DAY WITH DR. BITTER - DR. BITTER'S EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE TRAININGis completely customizable, and can cover any Sciton Technology you would like training on. This can include BBL, HERO, Forever Young, Acne Clear, Halo and Advanced Halo and MOXI Protocols, TRL Resurfacing and Combination Treatments. The Private Training also includes Training Manuals and Handouts. Dr. Bitter also shares his successful Consultation Techniques, marketing pearls, and teaches how to evaluate patients' skin and make the best recommended treatment plan for all skin types. Managing complications, and addressing concerns with Skin Types 1-6 are also included. Dr. Bitter's Private Training can include Hands On Training also if desired.

In addition to your signed Certificates of Completion, Photos and videos with Dr. Bitter, we also include complementary access to Dr. Bitter's Master the Sciton BBL & BBL HERO Advanced Online Training for you and your employees. Hands On training and/or treatments for you and your staff by Dr. Bitter are also included. Dr. Bitter is pleased to provide his signature Fotofacial BBL, HERO. MOXI, Halo, SkinTyte Treatments as part of your training if desired.

What is the difference between Private Training and a Preceptorship?

Dr. Bitter’s day-long preceptorship includes didactic content (comparable to online content) and demo treatments performed by Dr. Bitter. It is focused primarily on Sciton BBL and HERO Technology, thus most of the day is spent on BBL technology. Also, the Preceptorship is a large group, typically 20-25 guests present and the day is spent addressing as many questions as possible. This group training is very valuable, but due to the large size, is a different experience than a private training.

Will there be demo patients: We can provide demo patients, or if you prefer, Dr. Bitter can provide the demo treatments on your providers attending the private training (time permitting, based on number of attendees/treatments).

What days does Dr. Bitter offer Private Trainings:

Dr. Bitter offers Private Trainings on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Please reserve as far in advance as possible as Dr Bitter's schedule tends to fill quickly.

Where are the private trainings:

Dr. Bitter’s Private Training are offered at Dr. Bitter's office, Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology in Los Gatos, CA (30 minutes from Sciton Headquarters). We can also make special arrangements for Dr. Bitter to come to your location. The difference will be an additional cost for Dr. Bitter's travel expenses (flight and hotel).

When is Dr. Bitter's Preceptorship:

Dr. Bitter hosts 4-6 Master the BBL & HERO Preceptorships per year at his Los Gatos office, Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology. 2023 dates are TBA.

How many providers are allowed per training?

The Private Trainings are intended for a single Practice, we can accommodate up to 10 Providers and staff from your office. If you have more than 10, please let me know and we can make accommodations. You are welcome to bring administrative and support staff as they benefit from learning the benefits of Dr. Bitter's BBL & HERO Treatments and Protocols to new patients and clients.

How long is the training?

Dr. Bitter's Private Trainings begin at 9 a.m.. Breakfast and Welcome Introductions start the day from 9:00 a.m. A delicious lunch, as well as beverages and snacks throughout the day are also included. The Training ends at 5:30.

What is the fee for private training?

Please contact the host for payment options. Sciton customers have an option and may reserve a date with a deposit directly and/or via Sciton Points. The fee for an Exclusive Private Training with Dr. Bitter is $15,000, and may be paid with either direct payment or Sciton Success Builder Points. Each point is valued at $500. For example, if you have 10 Sciton Succes Builder points, you may apply the value of your points ($5000) towards Dr. Bitter's Private Training, and the balance can be paid directly.

Is the Material Copyrighted?

Yes, All of Dr. Bitter’s Exclusive content in his in-person Preceptorships, Online Training, and Exclusive Preceptorships is copyrighted and is only intended for the user. Materials may not be duplicated or used in any manner other than intended.

How Do I Reserve Dr. Bitter for a Private Training Date?

Please contact our office or Abla Bitter, Director of Dr. Bitter’s Advanced Sciton BBL & HERO Academy to secure a date. Once you have agreed upon a date, a 50% deposit must be placed to reserve your date.

What are the steps to schedule Dr. Bitter’s Private Training for our staff?

Step1: Contact Abla regarding your interested dates

Step 2: Place your deposit to secure your date. Sciton Points may only be applied towards the remaining balance due on the date of training. Payments may be made via check or EFT to “Dr. Bitter’s Advanced Aesthetic Training”

Step 3: You will receive an Informational Sheet. Please complete and return with your deposit payment.

Step 4: Secure your hotel and transportation as needed to Dr. Bitter’s Office.

We recommend the Hilton Hotel in Campbell, and San Jose International Airport (12 miles from Dr. Bitter office).

What is included?

  1. Didactic Training
  2. Training Manuals for each attendee
  3. Certificate of Sciton Laser Training Completion Signed by Dr. Bitter
  4. Practice Pearls including: Dr. Bitter’s Consultation Techniques, Treatment Setting, Protocols and Skin Types 1-6
  5. Pricing and Package Strategies
  6. Credentialing the Doctor & Providers
  7. Managing Complications and recommended Follow Up care
  8. Hands On Practice with Sciton Technology
  9. ACCESS TO Dr. Bitter’s Master the Sciton BBL Advanced Online Training Included for attendees!
  10. Exclusive: Dr. Bitter's exclusive treatments for you and your providers during the private training Dr. Bitter

Please let me know what additional questions you have, and what dates you would like to schedule your Exclusive Private Training with Dr. Bitter. Please feel free to reach out to my cell phone at : 408-656-7508. I am happy to talk at a time that is convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you much success, Abla and Dr. Bitter

Director, Dr. Bitter's Advanced Aesthetic Online Academy [email protected]

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