“ When you want to be the best, learn from the best.”


“It’s not the the sword, it’s the swordsman!” This quote best describes Dr Bitter’s mastery of BBL fotofacial and skin rejuvenation techniques. I had the great pleasure of being treated by Dr Bitter as well as being a participant in his enlightening workshop. Dr Bitter’s Clinical mastery, breadth of knowledge and experience yields superior results! Period. Don’t waste your time and money anywhere else!


Dr. Bitter’s in-person course on the Sciton BBL and BBL HERO was fantastic and well worth the time and cost. New to the world of BBL, I did the Sciton training, Bitter’s online course as well as another online course. All of these had their place, but I was looking forward to his in-person training to get a feel of not only advanced techniques and nuances, but an advanced way of thinking of what our new machine could bring to our patients. As a plastic surgeon with 4 providers under me, I wanted to make sure I know all there is to know about this technology. This course did not disappoint. He was so gracious, and patient, staying (late) until everyone had all of their questions answered.

Laura Fischer PA

I cannot recommend Dr Bitter enough!!. What an honor to have been trained by the person behind most of the scientific research on BBL and it’s anti-aging benefits. You can tell that Dr Bitter is truly passionate about what he does and that he wants the absolute best for his patients and the practitioners that he teaches. I will use this knowledge for many years to come. Thank you again!



Thank you Dr. Bitter and Alba for hosting an amazing educational BBL Master course. It was such an informative experience and a very welcoming setting. As current users of this technology, we were able to implement D. Bitter’s techniques right away with even better results for our patients.


Shelie Moore PA

Our office just returned from a private training with Dr. Bitter, and I am blown away at the excellence of the entire experience! Not only did we learn more than we could have imagined, we also had the honor of being treated by and learning hands on from Dr. Bitter himself. He is the kindest man and he truly cares about people and wants them to love their skin. He has spent his life working with skin, and he is happy to share all that he has learned with us so we too can help people love their skin! I feel more equipped and knowledgeable about using our Sciton modalities including BBL, Moxi and Halo. Truly the BEST training!!! Thank you Dr. Bitter and Abla!!!

Natalie Rea  

I am new to the operation of the BBL which is why I wanted to attend this training session. I’ve been a part of Dr. Waldrop’s team for several years but as an assistant, I will soon be an RN operating the BBL for the practice. This session really helped me so very much to better understand what the BBL can do and how to use it safely and effectively with THEE best results! I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to work with it!! And even more grateful to Dr. Bitter and his wife for offering such an amazing opportunity!!


Morgan Ko  

Dr Bitter’s training is comprehensive and well done. It has helped me gain so much confidence in treating my patients safely & effectively with BBL! Highly recommend taking the time to participate in his focused courses!

Sara Sasse

Dr. Bitters advanced training for the BBL is amazing. Two years ago, I attended a training in Seattle and took an employee. We received manuals at the training - Dr. Bitters Bible on how to make the BBL sing! That same employee decided to quit after the Covid pandemic and took the advanced training manual that belonged to the spa with her. I contacted Dr. Bitters beautiful wife Abla, asking her if there was any way to get another copy of the manual, and she graciously found one from two years ago and FedEx'd it to me, at no charge whatsoever, not even the shipping. These are beautiful people - inside and out. Not to mention extremely talented at what they do - making others beautiful too! Love Dr. Bitter and his lovely wife Abla Bitter. Thank You!

Surendra Namburi

Meadowlands Laser Clinic, Hamilton 

Dr.Patrick Bitter Jr is my hero, not SCITON hero😀 but my real hero in the laser practice. As a kindergarten student I entered the laser business 10 years ago. First time I saw and heard Dr.Bitter lecture at Chicago convention. The laser basics and advanced procedures he explained in a magical way in few days. The essence made a huge impact on me to develop my interest in laser treatments. As a mechanical engineer background and the support of my physician wife I am successfully sailing in this industry so far. I regularly follow Dr.Bitter lectures and see his procedures in a way I follow his footsteps 😂. I strongly believe and advise every person in this industry should follow his guidelines and training to be successful.


Dr. Tamra Schue

Dr. Bitter is a wealth of knowledge. His passion for expanding the laser industry is second to none. I highly recommend his training courses.


Dr. Scott Elsbree, MD

Sarasota, Florida

We chose this course because we saw Dr. Bitter speak at a summit in Dallas, and we are aware of his expertise as we have previously attended a preceptorship in Tampa with Dr. Bitter. I highly recommend this course due to his expertise and insight. We want Dr. Bitter to continue to be the generous, unselfish mentor that he is.  

Cheryl Elsbree, 

Aesthetician, Dr. Scott Elsbree, Sarasota, Florida

We appreciate how current dr. Bitter is, the latest and greatest. We look forward to growing right alongside him.

Dr. Steven Camp, Plastic Surgeon

Steven Camp MD Plastic Surgery, Fort Worth, Texas

I chose Dr. Bitter’s course to better understand the power of BBL, teach myself, and bring knowledge back to my office NP who I employ and supervise. I would absolutely recommend this course to others, the most valuable part was the clinical examples and questions that followed about settings, passes, timing and treatments.  

Jan Marie D’Amato, 

Aesthetician, Cross Medical Group

I have been following Dr Bitter for years, and recently heard him speak at a Sciton laser summit. The most valuable part is Dr. Bitter’s knowledge and experience and talking to other providers. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

Julie Militello

Medical Esthetician and Laser Technician, Summit Aesthetics

Dr. Bitter is the master of BBL. I was very excited to hear everything he had to say and teach. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. The most helpful thing was mastering the forever young steps and settings. I really want to be a master treating vascularity and pigmentation.

Julie Kaplan, FNP, Disappearing Act Medical Spa

I chose this course because of Dr. Bitter’s Reputation. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. The most helpful part was learning after care, appropriate settings and technique.  

Kelsey Mallon

This has been by far the best training I have done in 14 years of being an esthetician and laser technician. 5 Stars! 

Elle Leland, Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Bitter is not only extremely knowledgeable and a great teacher, but also so nice and approachable! So grateful I had an opportunity to learn from the best!

Dr. Mona Khuran, Vancouver, Canada

Shine MD

A wonderful preceptorship with a lot of useful and relevant practice pearls and high quality demonstrations, 

Kelly Cronin, Rescue Med Spa 

Thank you so much for a wonderful day of invaluable training, can’t wait to get back and perform more treatments.

“This has been the most informative course!” It’s amazing watching Dr. Bitter in person.”

Jennifer Scott

Gonzales MedSpa

“He still does the treatments himself so his training is invaluable. It is from his experience.”

Anne Marie Slater

Lone Star Dermatology

“Most extensive coverage of a subject that I have attended”

Mack Stewart

Pure Radiance

“Great Information and feedback! I wish I only had more time!”

Brittney Wnanik 

Hotze Health and Wellness Center

“Training was great! I learned a lot of new information.”

Patrizia Di Franco, RN.

Cosmetic Surgery Associates 

“The information was great. Dr. Bitter explains everything so well. His energy is great and made me excited about trying new things.!”

Sandra Higdon, RN.

Anne Arundel Dermatology

“I learned the benefits and full use of BBL.”

Dr. Madu Salvaji

The Heart Specialist Group. 

“Thorough, informative, and comprehensive training. Dr,. Bitter spoke to our skill level and has extensive clinical experience.”

Lee Ann Berman, RN.

Annapolis Plastic Surgery

“This is my second clinical training with Dr. Bitter. It was great to know that I learned the right way out of the gate. Our practice has seen amazing and consistent results with BBL.”

Kim Marinetto, RN.

Avie! Med Spa

“This training was so valuable. It helped me explain “the why.”

Kimberly Johnson

Maryland Vein Professionals

“Most valuable part of training was to hone in settings for BBL considering patients.”

George Gavrila, MD.

Pro MD Health

“Everything I expected was covered.”

Jen Delic 

The Centre for Derm

“Everything was wonderful. Dr. Bitter’s skin is unreal. Amazing.”

Kim Higdem

The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery

“Taking this course was more valuable than any other laser training I have taken combined in the last two years.”

Susan Ciccarelli

Lux Medical Spa

“Hands down the best course I have attended and I have been around the block!. Excellent working knowledge of treatments. Loved his pearls of wisdom.!”

Lauren Bays

Artisan Plastic Surgery

“Extremely Educational and easy to follow. I received education beyond what Sciton alone taught me.”

Meg Joyner

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery

“It’s imperative training for those looking to take their patients to the next level.”

Jeanne Ford

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery

“Wonderful speaker. Clear and well spoken.”

Amanda Thomas


“It makes you more confident in your practice.”

Staci McCullohs


“The best information shared!”

Rhonda Hatfield

Blue Halo

“Dr. Bitter is a fantastic passionate speaker.”

DR. Michael Coyle

Coyle Institute.